What are the best airlines in the United States of America?

Airlines Official Site: The people of the USA prefer flight to other modes of transportation. However, there are companies good and bad everywhere. Same it is the case with the airlines. So, here we wanted to present to you the best airline in the United States of America. Now, let’s get started.

American Airlines Official Site

We will begin our list with the most popular airlines, which is American airlines.  In terms of traffic, it is the largest airline in the world. They fly to more than 350 destinations in the world with 6700 flights every day. You can American Airlines Official Website to know. For a refund, vast American Airlines Refund Website.

American Airlines Official Site

Delta Airlines Official Site

One of the oldest airlines in the United States of America. An average, it manages more than 5000 departures and carries 180 million passengers.  They operated on six continents, in 52 countries, put 306 destinations. It have airbus and Boeing airlines in their fleet.  To know more Delta Airlines Official Site.

Delta Airlines Official Site

Southwest Airlines Official Site

If there is an airline famous for low-cost flights, then it is southwest airlines. It acquired AirTran back in 2011. They fly more than 3600 Departure daily with more than 130 million passengers. Sometimes they go up to 4000 departures on weekdays. Visit Southwest Airlines official website to know more.

Southwest Airlines Official Site

United Airlines

Operating across five continents, with 4500 every day and carrying more than 13 million passengers, united airlines is one of the best airlines. United airlines have 478 regional and 743 mainline airlines.  Sometimes they get a bad image. However, they also go back on their feet immediately. To know about them, visit the united airline’s official site.

United Airlines

Air Canada

It was awarded the best North America airlines in 2017 by skirted. So you can understand why we have included it.  Air Canada operates on six continents, handles more than 40 million passengers, have 1500 daily departure flights on 200 airports. It has 300 aircraft. Visit Air Canada Official Site to know more.

Air Canada flights

Alaska Airlines

The crown of Seattle, Alaska Airlines, is a famous airlines for local routes. HoweverAlaska Airlines operates across USA, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.  It operated 1200 flights daily with 40 million passengers across 115 various destinations.  Alaska Airlines has won many awards over the years such as best airlines in customer satisfaction. To know about it, you can visit the Alaska airlines official website. 

Alaska Airlines official site

Jet Blue Airlines

The headquarters is located in NYC. It covers more than 100 cities with 40 million passengers and make 1000 daily departures. Winner of many awards such as ‘Choice award from trip savvy’, it is famous for low-cost flight tickets. You can visit jet blue official airlines site to know more about it.

Jet Blue flights

WestJet Airlines

Another low-cost airline on our list. West airlines handles more than 19 million passengers, operates in North American, Central American, Europe and the Caribbean. ThereforeIn total it flies up to 105 Destinations with 720 flights daily. It also needed best airlines the Canada. You can book tickets on it from west jet official airlines site.

WestJet flights

Spirit Airlines

The bare fare airlines are quite famous in North America. It carries more than 20 million passengers, going to 60 destinations with 435 flights every day. It flies to the Caribbean, Latin American and in the United States of America. To book tickets, you can visit Spirit airlines official site.


Spirit Flights