American Airlines Refund Policy : Things you should know about

by | Dec 11, 2019

If you are an experienced traveler, you would know every airline has a different process of refunds. So, in today’s blog, we are going to cover American Airlines Refund Policy. What are the different rules regarding different situations? How to contact American Airlines if you wanted a refund. We are going to cover it in the details, so when you need help with AA in a matter of returns, you would know exactly what to do. If you think we had left anything, do let us know, so we can update the article to provide a better service.

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American Airlines Refund Policy 

What is covered in American Airlines Refund Policy?


Before we tell you about the rules and regulations, there is one crucial thing to know. What are the things which are eligible to ask for a refund? This is an essential question because who knows what kind of situation you are going to face in what circumstances. This is why we will cover this first. For detailed information on American Airlines refund, refer to our page AA Refunds.

The list begins with baggage, which you already knew. Then there are pet fees, priority, Main cabin extra seats, same-day flight change, and the tickets of a deceased passenger. Now, these are the things eligible for a refund. If you have a situation different than this, you need to contact American Airlines customer care for it. However, AA makes clear if you have bought the tickets from a third party, then there is nothing they can do to help. You first need to contact the third party; after it, they will consider anything.

american airlines refund policy

American Airline Refund Policy

What is the Different situation in Which you can ask for a refund?


We had told you about the thing about which you can demand a refund. But now, there are some different situations in which American Airlines reservations makes you eligible for a refund. We will tell you about those situations and then tell you what AA will do with it. We are sure after reading this; you will have a grasp of American Airlines Refund Policy.


AA  Refund Example 1

Now, the first situation is when you have bought the plane tickets but want to cancel it under 244 hours of booking. So, yes, you will get a refund. But only if you had bought the ticket at least two days before departure. It does not matter for which class (Economy, Business, Economy premium, and first) the tickets were bought. The rule applies to all. You need to cancel the ticket and initiate the refund process. There is one more thing; it does not apply for a group block. Only for a solo ticket. You will receive a refund minus non-refundable taxes and any service charge. If you have any issues regarding this, contact American Airlines.


AA Refund Example 2

Let’s move onto the second situation. What if you bought refundable tickets, but now you won’t use it how you can get a refund for it. There are two things here. First, if you bought the tickets directly from AA, then request a refund online. The process will begin and in 7 working days, you will get the money back. If you paid via cash or cheque, then you need to wait a little longer, around 20 days. The second thing is if you had bought the tickets from a third party, then you have to contact them first for the refund process.

The third issue is when you have bought a non-refundable ticket, then what you can do. We have already told you Other than getting the refund if the booked tickets got canceled in 24 hours, there is no other thing to ask for it. AA makes it clear, for nonrefundable tickets, nothing else applies. However, if there has been death, the AA will reconsider it if it provides proper documentation to AA.

The latter situation is when you want to have refunds for products and services. We have already told you about it above. If these services or products were used or provided on alternator flights, then they are not eligible for a refund. But If you were unable to use them, then yes, you are available to ask for a refund.

You could ask for Baggage fees, Priority boarding refund, Same- Day flight standby, or changing and pet fees.

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American Airlines Refunds Policy

How to Initiate the American Airlines Refund process?

Now, the question comes, how you request a refund. What is the process for it? Well, it is simple. You go to the American Airlines official website; there you find the link for return in the Customer Service FAQs. After going on to the site, you need to give your ticket number and Passenger’s Last Name to submit. After it, they will analyze the situation to provide you with refunds.


So, this is the American Airlines Refund Policy. It will help you next time when you are using it. As we said, it depends upon the situation to ask for American Airlines Refund. For more information visit our homepage.