Delta airlines have been quite popular for some time now. They have been regarded as one of the best airlines to work for. Even the passengers who fly it regularly say positive things about Delta flights.

So, today, we are presenting you with some unknown facts about Delta so that you can increase your knowledge about this company. Next time, when you are flying via delta, You can surprise the employees by telling facts about their own Interesting Facts company.  If you wanted to know more, you could always visit Delta Airlines Official Site.

Interesting Facts

Moving Maps

The Success of a company depends upon how well they are changing with time. Delta airlines show the change by upgrading their Flight technology. One of those technological advancements was achieved when Delta launched Moving maps in their airline back in 1992. You may ask what is Moving plans? So, Before moving map, The airlines would know their location in the form of longitude and latitude. Moving maps enable them to show the area as they move — kind of Today’s GPS.  Delta airlines were the First US Airline company to launch it.

First Website – As we said before, Delta airlines was good at adopting new technology. When the internet was booming in silicon valley, Delta did not want to get left behind. So in 1993, they launched their first website, which was the first US airline website. It did not offer any significant features, but passengers could check their flight time, schedule, and list of flights. As the internet developed, delta kept adding new features.

Taking Care Of Its Customers

Delta flights is one of the best companies to work for. However, what about its passengers? How Delta treats their customers. Well, the mere fact, delta become the first airline company to fly 1 million passengers in a year speaks about its popularity. In 2017, Government rankings, Delta was awarded Best airline for on-flight time.

In 2014, delta Introduced a Full flatbed facility and aisle access in business class Interesting Facts . Delta did it only for its passengers. In 1995, Delta banned smoking on its airplanes. If you have any complaints, visit the Delta airlines official site.

It Has it Own Museum – How many airlines we know, which have their museum? Now many. There is also one of the reasons why Delta is such a company. It got its museum in Atlanta. That was started back in 1990 when a group of Delta retired employees decided to buy some old plane and showcase to ordinary citizens.

However, it is a nonprofit organization, which depends on charities and volunteers. The museum was open in 2014 for the public. Before it, for accessing it, you needed a delta ID card. There are two Hangers, Hanger 1 and 2, where the old planes are displayed. Some of the plane which revealed are Delta Ship 41, A Huff-Daland Duster biplane Copy to show delta history.

Delta Studio

Delta Studio is a streaming service provided by Delta airlines. Since flight hours can be long and sometimes dull.  Delta launched the delta studio service in 2014.  There are three types of services provided in Delta studio. Those are movies, music, and TV shows. Do not think delta provides only old movies and tv shows. Delta states, they regularly update their list of movies and tv shows. In some cases, You can even find the latest releases.

Some of the latest movies available on Delta studio are  Us, Hellboy and Alita battle angel. Some of the tv shows on it are The Titans game, Modern Family, Silicon Valley, and Victor and Valentino. In total there are more than 300 movies, live satellite tv, and 2500 songs. To access, studio, there are two options; you can either watch seat-back screens or on your laptop.

Free Messaging

Delta airlines offer free messaging service on those flights where the wifi service is available. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessages to connect. The services are free of cost. You need to install the delta airline app to enable them to use it.

So, these are interesting facts to know about Delta airlines. We are sure; when you fly delta next time, you will enjoy your time with Delta airlines. To know more, visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.