What is delta airlines  SkyMiles program? This question will come to your mind; If you have begin flying, there are many things you need to know airlines companies and their frequent flier program. Frequent flier loyalty program offered by airlines is to encourage their passengers to earn points to avail offers. After that, To know more you can visit Delta airlines official site.

Skymiles is a flyer program offered by Delta airlines. However, It was started back in 1987. From then on, it is one of the most popular frequent flier programs out there in the aviation market.

Skymiles in Delta

How to join skymiles and how it works?

If you prefer to travel via delta airlines, joining the SkyMiles is not very hard. Also, Go to delta airlines  official site, click on SkyMiles. Then click on join skymiles. Besides, You will need to provide information about yourself. You need to create a delta account.  For more info, go to Delta airlines official site.

When you have joined the Sky Miles program, you are eligible to earn SkyMiles. This is the method of earning SkyMiles, every time you spend a dollar on Delta airlines  in terms of flying, shopping, or any way allowed by Delta Airlines Official Site .You will earn a miles. After that, To know more,visit Delta airlines official site.

This is the chart for every dollar spent and earning SkyMiles. These are known as medallion status.

  • No status – 5 Miles
  • Diamond- 11 Miles
  • Platinum – 9 Miles
  • Gold – 8 Miles
  • Silver – 7 Mile

How to earn the Skymiles in Delta airlines

There are various ways; one can obtain the miles. The simple one is to flying. Every time you book a ticket; you start earning SkyMiles. However, it does not include government tax amount. Also, If you are flying with delta airlines  partners, then you are also eligible to earn Delta SkyMiles.

However, it depends solely on partner airlines to let you earn the miles or not. On some route, Delta partner does not allow to earn SkyMiles.  

You can do shopping to earn the points. Therefor, Delta airlines  have many shopping partners to offer miles via shopping.

 It’s Free to Join

If you want to join to Sky Miles program. It’s completely free of charge; there are no hidden fees. Delta airlines make sure; there is transparent. Go to the delta airlines official  website, search for SkyMiles. Click on ‘it’s free to join’ link. It will take you to a filling form. Fill it, then submit.

How To Earn MILES and See the World

Let’s say; you have to join the sky miles program, you will receive a unique number to use it in future. In delta airlines , you earn miles on every dollar you spent. For example, when you spent $1, you earn miles. However, on partners flights, earn miles are different. To know more visit delta airlines official site.

In the SkyMiles program, Delta airline  offer you to use a credit card to earn miles.  These are the credit cards.


These cards have different criteria to redeem miles and other benefits. For example, in one card. In other words, if you spend more than $2000, you become eligible to use it. Kindly check the official delta airlines website for more information.

Not only credit cards, but Delta airlines  also offer other benefits to SkyMiles users. For example, you can use lyft services. You will earn 1mile per dollar you spend. If you are a new user, you get $20 in ride credit. Airbnb is also eligible for using skymiles. If you are a worldwide traveler, Delta airlines   have to tie-up with more than 6000 hotels around the world.  Just like before, the criteria for earning miles depends upon the hotels.

So, this is everything about delta airlines skymiles loyalty programs. We are sure it will help you in understanding about it.However if you wanted to know more, visit Delta Airlines Official Site. We are sure, it will help you in knowing more things about the skymiles program.