You are in a hurry, you are thinking, your flight will be missed. But you reach the airport just in time to catch the airplane. But what did you learn, the trip is either delayed or canceled. So, what you can do. For example, if you are talking American airlines, the same thing happens. Do you know about the American Airlines refunds? However, you can not say they are predictable. There could be many reasons behind it. But in today’s post, we will tell you about what you can do in this situation, let’s get started.

know if your flight is delayed or canceled

What is your right if the flight is Delayed

This is the first thing you want to understand. Before you book any flight tickets with any airlines, do read about their terms and conditions whenever there is a situation of delay or cancellation. However, if we talk about it froma legal perspective, you, as passengers, have very few rights.  There are few regulations which do protect you. In many airlines, there is a contract of carriage; you can read it to know more details. They vary from Airline to airline.Sometime when there is a flight delay or cancellation, the airlines will make your stay in hotel free of cost. They may give you discounts or refunds.

What if you are flying in Europe

Here we have no biases. But in Europe, travelers have more rights.  Whether you are flying within Europe or from Europe to any other country. As per the regulations, if your flight reaches the destination more than three hours late, you will receive $700 in compensations.

You will get compensated

As per the Airfare-watchdog,  if you can give out evidence about the financial loss, then prove it, the airline could prevent it, then yes, you are claiming for compensation as we have given an example of American Airlines Refund thing.

Did you book Flight with Credit Card

Now, this is something not unique, but travelers, in general, skip it.  Whenever you book your flights with a credit card, they offer protection against flight delays. It is called Travel protection benefits. So, if you also have booked via credit card, then do read about it. Who knows you might be compensated.


Activities to Check Out  If The Flight Get Delayed Or Canceled  

This is not exactly what you expected to read but we wanted to share it with you. You see when the flight is delayed or canceled. You are waiting for the next trip. What you can do it. First, you can watch movies to time pass if the delay is for a few hours. However, there are certain airports in the world where you will have an opportunity to do a lot of activities.  If you are at San Francisco international airport, you will see a pig called “Lilou.” Do not get anxious. It is a therapy pig.  It roams around in Costume;You can cuddle him.

If you are at the Los Angeles airport, there is a program there called PUP( Pets Unstressing Program). Do we need to tell you more about it? It is a free program with thready dogs. You can have a good time there while waiting for your flight.

Now, Not everything is related to pets. If you are stuck at Denver International Airport in winter, then there is an ice skating rink. You can rent skates for free. Get them, do a little bit of skating while you are figuring out how to deal with the flight delay or cancellation.

If you are stuck at Seattle Tacoma International airport, then there is a display of arts. You can take a self-guided tour there. 

The reason why we are telling you is simple. Waiting for your next flight can be a frustration. If you can find any activities to check out, you should do it. You can wait for your trip while having fun.

Do not Sleep

Ok,  besides doing all these activities, some travelers want to get some sleep. Well, it might turn out to be dangerous unless you are traveling with someone. In this case, you can sleep and the other person is awake waiting for the announcements. The reason is that the airlines may announce, there may be a flight for two hours, but in the next minute, they will be published, they are ready for boarding. While you were dozing off, the trip is taken off. So, be careful, do not sleep.

So, these are some of the things you can do. When there is a flight delay or cancellation. We had given an example of American airline refund to understand the situation better. We are sure you will find a solution when you face a situation like this next time.