American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines. They carry more than 200 million passengers every year. It flies to a lot of destinations in the world. So, here we wanted to talk about Aadvantage miles. What are the Ways of Earning Miles With American Airlines? If you are just beginning, then it might be tough, but eventually, you will get to it. You need to also read about American Airlines Refund as well, in case you face any issue. It is not necessary, but since you are going to fly with American a lot, you might need it sometime.

Fly with American Airlines

So, we will begin with the fundamental way first. If you are a frequent traveler, then flying out with American airlines will help you in earning decent miles. However, in American Airlines, the distance does not count for miles rather how much you have paid. Now what kind of member you decide the number of miles you will get. If you are a regular member, then you will earn five miles per dollar. If you have elite status, you will gain more miles. For gold Aadvantage, it is seven miles per dollar spent. For platinum members, it is eight miles and for platinum pro, it is nine miles. If you become an Executive platinum member, then you will get to earn eleven miles per dollar.

As you can see, the more you fly with American airlines, the better your status will get. In the long term, if you earn a functional condition, you will earn more miles. So, fly with American Airlines. One of the best Ways of earning miles on American Airlines, if you are just starting.

ways of earning miles on American Airlines

Try Flying with American airlines partners | ways of earning miles on American Airlines

This is the second way of earning miles. American Airlines has more than 20 Airlines as partners from around the world. It has ties with some of the members from Oneworld Alliance as well. However, not every airline from Oneworld is the partner of AA. Before flying, check it out yourself. So, let’s say you are flying with British airways, Cath pacific or Alaska Airlines. You can redeem your American airline’s miles with all these airlines. However, whenever you fly, check if they are partners with American airlines. If they are, then you will get to redeem the miles.

But there are many factors involved in this thing. How much price for the tickets you paid, what cabin did you book? These are the factors. As we said, before flying, check the airline partner website and AA site to determine how much you will mile you earn eventually. When you finally book the tickets, you need to enter the AAdvantage member number to apply the miles. It is the second-best way of making miles with American Airlines Refund Policy

Begin using American airlines credit cards

Before we begin, we would say not everyone is going to like the idea of using a credit card. We get it, and it totally depends upon you if you want to use it or not. But there is no denying, it is one of the easiest ways of making miles. There are two ways of doing it. Once you pay for only flight booking, and the second way is to use American Airlines’ credit card for everything. There are many types of it. There are American airlines, Aadvantage Miles, up, Aadvantage platinum select, Aadvantage Platinum Select world Mastercard, red world Elite MastercardAnd Advantage aviator. Now, for using them, you will earn an extra two miles per dollar in addition to five miles.

Now, if you compare with regular Aadvantage member, one is getting extra 40% miles. So, in the long run, you will earn more and more miles at a faster rate when we compare it to the regular member. However, do not go faster. First pay for one or two flights, get to know about it. If you understand it, then do it, otherwise, leave it. So, how faster you earn. It is easy if we give an example, so let’s see. Let’s pretend you have got a Citi an advantage platinum select Mastercard. Now, since you earn miles with dollar spending, let’s see. It says, if you spend $2500  under 90 days of buying the cards, you will receive 50,000 AAdvantage American airlines miles.  Think about it. If you are a frequent flyer, you might get to use it after all. Instantly you will earn 50k miles.

The second way is to use a credit card for everything. However, you will get only one mile extra per dollar. You can use it for groceries, Drug stores, or any other purchase you want to make.

So, these are some of the Ways of earning miles on American Airlines. As we said, do also read about American airline refunds. If you get into any unforeseen situation, it will help to know the rules.