Delta airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States of America. It has also become profitable, as well. In this post, we are not only Going to cover its history, but where does it fly, what is the cancellation policy of delta airlines, how to check-in online when you have to take a flight and what is delta Sky Miles. For booking tickets, you can visit the Delta airlines official site.

What is the history of delta airlines Official Site?

The History of delta airlines begins in 1924.  An Employee of U.S department of agriculture ‘B.R Coad & Collet e. woodman were trying to find out a solution for boll weevil infestation. They concluded that the best way to a dusting of powder from the air would be the best option to eradicate the infections.

Thus with the decision, they formed a company known as ‘Huff Deland Dusters.’  The founding date was May 30, 1924. At that time, it was the first crop-dusting company in the entire world.  However, in 1928, Wolman decided to rename the company ‘delta air service’. A company secretary suggested the name delta.

Then again, in 1930, its name was changed back to Delta Air Corporation. From now on, delta begins to expand its services. They grew it from Atlanta to Fort Worth Texas.  In upcoming years, delta achieved many heights in its Glorious run.

In 1940, Delta purchased its first Delta DC-3 Airplane to carry passengers. It entered into international airlines in the 1970s & throughout the Pacific in the 1980s.  In 1997, Delta became the first airline company to board more than 100 million fliers in one year.

In 2007, delta airlines faced bankruptcy. However, they were out of it in a few years. Now, in recent years, they have become profitable.  To read more, visit the delta airline official site.

What Destination Do Delta airlines Cover?

From starting too few places, Delta now covers more than 240 Destinations worldwide. There are a total of 59 countries where delta flies with taking more than 15000 flights per day, how this number includes delta partner as well. There are few places in the world where only delta fly as the U.S carries. Some of those places are Copenhagen, Dakar, Lagos, and Stuttgart.

In 2019, Delta announced a nonstop flight between New York and Mumbai, which is one of the longest nonstop flights in the world.  To check for a specific destination, you can look at them on Delta Airline Official Site.

Delta Airlines Official Site

The Cancellation policy of Delta airlines Official Site

Since we are focusing on the essential things, it’s vital to know about what is the cancellation policy of delta airlines. You may face a situation like this, so what you should do. Delta airlines have set up several rules and procedures regarding the cancelation policy. For example, what if you cancel the ticket under 24 hours. Alternatively, what you will get when you cancel your flight after 24 hours. For every class, the rules changes

We are going to mention a few of them here, however, for more information, visit delta airlines official site.

The policy of 24 Hour Flights

Delta airlines make sure that you get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking it. Whether it’s basic economy class and economy. However, if you hold your ticket than want to cancel your ticket after 24 hours, it is not allowed to do so.  If you are holding your ticket for more than 24 hours, delta will charge you for it.

Ticket changing policy – Passengers who have booked basic economy tickets are not allowed to make any changes after 24 hours, before buying the tickets. For non- refundable tickets, change prices can go for international flights from $200 to $500. For domestic flights, they are flat to $200. It also includes the price difference.

For refundable tickets, delta airlines hold no charges, but they need to pay the price differences. If you need same-day changes for refundable fares, the costs are $75.

The deadline for the basic economy is to make any changes under 24 hours. For Nonrefundable tickets, if there are changes within 24 hours, they have no charges for it. However, changes requests made after 24 hours are subject to change and their prices. Changes within 24 hours of departure are only allowed in the US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  For more information, you can visit Delta Airlines official site.

How I do online check-in for Delta airlines

When you want to do online check-in, there are two ways of doing it. We are going to describe them here. If you face any issue, then go to delta airlines’ official site for more information.

Online check-in via the website

Open delta airlines official website on your web browser. On the upper tab, you will see an option of check-in. Click on it.  You have four ways to confirm your check-in.

  • Confirmation number – If you have a confirmation number, put it in the tab, then enter information about departure airport. Click on search, then check-in.
  • Sky miles numbers – If you get a Sky Miles number, put it in the box, then info about the airport, click on search. You can now check the status of Delta flights.
  • Credit card number – If you booked the tickets from a credit card number, then this option is for you. Enter your credit card details, then the airport name, you will get the reservations information.
  • Ticket Number – This is the last option, if you have got a ticket number, then put it into the tab, then airport number. Click on search. The relevant information will appear.


Delta Airlines

Check the reservation via delta app

If you do wish to use the online check-in, the other way to get the reservations details is to use the Delta app.

Here are the steps to check-in.

  • Install the official delta airline app. Log in to your account. Depending on your operating system, iOS or Android, the user interface can be different. However, the check-in option is going to the same.
  • Look for seat selection option; the check-in option is above it.
  • You will get the information about Delta airlines.

How to earn Delta Sky miles

Here comes the exciting part how you can earn Delta Sky Miles. There are many ways of doing it; however, here, we will focus on the essential things. 

When you have joined the Sky Miles program, you are eligible to earn Sky Miles. This is the method of earning Sky Miles, every time you spend a dollar on Delta airlines in terms of flying, shopping, or any way allowed by Delta airlines. You will receive a smile. This is the chart for every dollar spent and earning Sky Miles. These are known as medallion status.

  • No status – 5 Miles
  • Diamond- 11 Miles
  • Platinum – 9 Miles
  • Gold – 8 Miles
  • Silver – 7 Mile

How often does Delta Sky Miles expire?

Delta airlines is the only airline company, which you’re earning miles will not get expired, No matter what the time. There are some other airlines as well where they do not expire, but you need some activity on your account to not let it get expired.  However, this is not the case with delta.  Even if you fly after five years, the miles will be saved in your account.

    How to sign up for Sky Miles

    This is one of the easiest ways to do it. Go to the delta airlines’ official website. To Join Sky Miles, There are no charges for it. You are Gonne need a delta account. Log in, then click on Sky Miles. It will be asked to fill the information there, And Sign up. will become a general member immediately; you are now eligible to earn the points. Every time you are flying or using a service that can help you earn the miles, you will get it credited in your Sky Miles account in a few days.

     So, this is a short guide to Delta airlines. We are sure it will help you in understanding the basic things about Delta airlines. However, if you want to know more, you can visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.  One more thing, in case you begin to look for a vacation offer on Delta. There is a way of doing it.  Go to the delta airline official site. There in the menu, you will see the option ‘More.’ Upon clicking on it, you will see the option ‘’flight deals’.