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If you are planning for a trip in the future via flights, then it’s essential to know about the flight delay compensation. There are times when you will face a situation like this, and if you do not know about it, then you would not be able to handle the situation.  First, the primary thing you should know airlines does not guarantee their schedules. It is the priority of airlines to get you to your destination on time. But there can be many things which can go wrong. Weather can be harmful, an airplane could get an issue, and there could be a volcano erupting. So, you can not be entirely sure what could go wrong. So, if there is a flight delay, what are the rules about flight delay compensation in the US? Our post will answer this query. Now let’s begin.

Flight Delay Compensation

The Basics of Flight delay compensation US


Now the first thing you should know, airlines in the united states of America are not obliged to compensate their passengers when it comes to flight delays. Every airline, be it Delta, United, or American Airlines, and many more have their own set of policies to deal with this matter.  Now, whenever there’s a delay, you specifically need to ask the airlines about being getting compensate. This is the basic rule regarding flight delay compensation in the US.

How to find out if your flight is being delayed?


Here comes the important thing: how would you find out if your flight is going to delay.  Any airlines in the united states of America is now obliged to provide info regarding the delay in flight or change in schedule if the departure date is within seven days. You can receive an mail, a call or a message. But what if you are at airports, well in this care, they will know you under 30 minutes about the change in schedule or flight delay. Whenever you book a ticket, you receive a flight number; you can use it to check about delays. But if a flight delays more then 30 minutes than they should update their flight status and all other sources of flight information. This is the primary rule for finding out delay. Now you know more about regulation regarding flight delay compensation US.

Flight Delay Compensation US

What are Tarmac Delays?


There is a unique situation in delays. Sometimes what happens is there is a flight that has just landed. Now it is waiting for taking off, but for some reason, it can not. On the other hand, passengers on the plane are not able to get off the plane. This is what is tarmac delays. However for delay there are no compensations, but passengers who are stuck in the flight must get food and water if the delay is more than two hours. There should be medical attention as well for the passengers. Now this is law regarding tarmac flight delay compensation US.

What are the rules for Flight Delay Compensation United?


Now, we are going to talk about specific airlines. Here we will talk about united flight delay compensation. There is no official version of how much money you will get. But there are some things which united offers to do. We will cover those things here.  Let’s say your united flight is getting delayed, now what will United do. Well United airlines can schedule a new trip for you. You can check the status of it via their website or the official United airlines app. 


Let’s say you want to rebook your flight, now united states you can directly talk with a united agent to get the booking done. Whatever their earlier flight, you can get it. United commands to skip the line and then call the agent. If there are multiple airports in one city, then maybe united will shift your flight to other airports, you can check about it via their official app or website. This is United flight delay compensation rules from united airlines.   


 United Airlines Flight delay

You are maybe now wondering about your bags. Where will they be if there is united airline flight delay? Here united airlines state the bags will be there at your final destination. They may be on a different flight, but you can expect them at the airport when you reach there. However united recommend to get yourself on an alternate plane first then talk with an agent about the bags. If you are using united app, then there is a feature in it called ‘’track my bags’; you can check it track your bags in real-time. 


If your flight delay for next time, then you need to book a hotel yourself. According to united, they are not obliged to provide free hotels if the flights delay or canceled if the situations are outside of their control.  If you need proof about united flight delay compensation, send them a mail, they will provide proof it.  So, this was rules regarding flight delay compensation US for united airlines. For more info about flight delay and compensation, visit here

What are rules for Flight delay Compensation Delta? 


Now we will see what does delta say about flight compensation if the flight delay. Well, first if there is a flight delay then delta will let you know about it at least in 30 minutes.  There are three parts to it. They are Diversion, cancellation or delays. All of them interconnects so if one of these things happens; there is a possibility of flight delay.  There will be announcements in the Gate Information Display Screen( GIDS).

You can call on delta customer service number to get a confirmation about the flight delay. The other two ways are checking the status on their official website and official delta app. This is what we have found out about delta flight delay compensation and rules about flight delay compensation US. 


All the rules states here regarding flight delay compensation US apply only within the boundaries of the united states of America. As soon as you leave the USA, the international law regarding flights delay compensation changes. If you are looking for American Airlines Refund, visit here.